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03-October-2022 Austin Streaming / Big Data Meetup / NoSQL Real-Time Data Streaming Meetup with Aerospike & Apache Pulsar Details ## Details Come Spend the Evening before the Kafka Conference with Us! ► Free pizza and beer plus a raffle to win a rocket! Free swag-giveaways 6:30pm- Pizza & Beer - Get acquainted 6:45pm Rock, Paper, Scissors Game Presented by Tom Camp, DevRel Engineer at Ably 7:10pm -Unified Messaging & Data Streaming Presented by Tim Spann & David Kjerrumgaard, Developer Advocates, StreamNative 7:35pm- How to Get Unlimited Scale with Real-Time SLAs From Your Rich Database Apps Presented by Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Aerospike, Srini V. Srinivasan 8:00pm- Panel Discussion & Questions 8:30pm- Event ends Speaker: Tom Camp DevRel Engineer at Ably Title: Multiplayer Rock, Paper, Scissor Let’s start the evening with some light fun. We'll play a live, multiplayer game of “Rock, Paper, Scissor” (sorry, no Spock). All you

September 2022 FLiP Stack Weekly Welcome to September, let's get streaming. I hope everyone is getting to enjoy their Labor Day if that is a holiday you get. It's a day off in the United States that triggers pumpkin spice and the end of Summer. CODE + COMMUNITY What do people think of Podcasts? It looks like I may have the opportunity to join a new Streaming/Messaging Podcast. Leave a comment if you like them and if you don't what would make them better? I have a SuperStar Podcaster that I am going to be working with soon. #ApachePulsar   #ApacheFlink   #Python   #Spring   #SpringBoot   #SpringPulsar   #JDK17   #ADSB   #OpenSource   #EdgeAI   #Philly   #Energy This is Issue  #47! Get your new Flink - Pulsar Going Demo of the Day Are friends electric? Indeed they are, let's monitor them. I am working on this for part of the monitoring of the conference talk at  Current Event  in Austin in October.  #Current22   #ApachePulsar   #Apache