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Year and Decade End Report : 201*

A Year in Big Data 2019

This has been an amazing year for Big Data, Streaming, Tech, The Cloud, AI, IoT and everything in between.   I got to witness the merger of the two Big Data giants into one unstoppable cloud data machine from the inside.   The sum of the new Cloudera is far greater than just Hortonworks + Cloudera.   It has been a great year working with amazing engineers, leaders, clients, partners, prospects, community members, data scientists, analysts, marketing mavens and everyone I have gotten to see this year.   It's been busy traveling the globe spreading the good word and solving some tough problems.   

In 2019, Edge2AI became something we could teach and implement in a single day to newbies.   The combination of MiNiFi + NiFi + Kafka + KuDu + Cloud is unstoppable.  Once we added Flink later this year, the FLaNK stack became amazing.   I see amazing stuff for this in the 20's.     I got to use new projects like Kudu (awesome), Impala, Cloudera Manager and new tools from the Data in Motion team.   Streams Messaging Manager became the best way to manage, monitor, create, alert on and use Kafka across clusters anywhere.   This is now my favorite way to demo anything.   So much transparency, awesome.   Having the power of Apache Flink is just making any problem solve-able, even those that scale to thousands of nodes.   Running just one node of Flink has been awesome.   I am a Squirrel Dev now!

Strata, DataWorksSummit and NoSQL Day were awesome, but working with charities and non-profits solving real world problems was amazing.     Helping at Nethope is the highlight of my professional year.   I am so thankful to the Cloudera Foundation for having me help.   I am really impressed with the Cloudera Foundation, Nethope and everyone involved.  I am hoping to speak to a few different conferences in 2020, but we'll see where Edge2AI takes me.

There's a lot to wrap up for 2019, so I attempted to put most of it following this break.