Best in Flow Competition Tutorials Part 1

Best in Flow Competition Tutorials

Author: Michael Kohs  George Vetticaden Timothy Spann

Date: 04/18/2023

Last Updated: 5/1/2023

Useful Data Assets

Setting Your Workload Password

Creating a Kafka Topic

Use Case walkthrough 9

1. Reading and filtering a stream of syslog data 9

2. Writing critical syslog events to Apache Iceberg for analysis 29

3. Resize image flow deployed as serverless function 56

Use Case Walkthrough for Competition


This document assumes that you have registered for an account, activated it and logged into the CDP Sandbox.   This is for authorized users only who have attended the webinar and have read the training materials.

A short guide and references are listed here.

Competition Resources

Login to the Cluster 

Kafka Broker connection string 




Kafka Topics

  • syslog_json

  • syslog_avro

  • syslog_critical

Schema Registry Hostname


Schema Name

  • syslog

  • syslog_avro

  • syslog_transformed

Syslog Filter Rule

  • SELECT * FROM FLOWFILE WHERE severity <= 2

Access Key and Private Key for Machine User in DataFlow Function

  • Access Key: eda9f909-d1c2-4934-bad7-95ec6e326de8

  • Private Key: eon6eFzLlxZI/gpU0dWtht21DI60MkSQZjIzeWSGBSI=

The following keys are needed if you want to deploy a DataFlow Function that you build during the Best in Flow Competition.

Your Workflow User Name and Password

  1. Click on your name at the bottom left corner of the screen for a menu to pop up.

  1. Click on Profile to be redirected to your user’s profile page with important information.

If your Workload Password does not say currently set or you forgot it, follow the steps below to reset it.   Your userid is shown above at Workload User Name.

Setting Workload Password

You will need to define your workload password that will be used to access non-SSO interfaces. You may read more about it here. Please keep it with you. If you have forgotten it, you will be able to repeat this process and define another one.

  1. From the Home Page, click on your User Name (Ex: tim) at the lower left corner.

  2. Click on the Profile option.


  1. Click option Set Workload Password.

  2. Enter a suitable Password and Confirm Password.

  3. Click the button Set Workload Password.