How about Some Free Cloud Training?

How about Some Free Cloud Training?


CDP Private Cloud Fundamentals

CDP Private Cloud Fundamentals

Cloudera, IBM, and Red Hat

Our CDP Private Cloud Fundamentals OnDemand course provides a solid introduction to CDP Private Cloud. In addition to learning what CDP Private Cloud is and how it fits into the Enterprise Data Cloud vision, you'll find out about its architecture and how it uses cloud-native design elements such as containerization in order to overcome limitations of the traditional bare metal cluster architecture. Following a summary of the system requirements, the course concludes with a demonstration of a CDP Private Cloud installation.

Cloudera Essentials for CDP

Introduction to Cloudera Manager

Introduction to Cloudera Data Warehouse: Self-Service Analytics in the Cloud with CDP

Introduction to Cloudera Machine Learning

Introduction to Apache Impala

Enriching Data with Pyspark

Introduction to Hive

Demo Jam Build a Flow with Apache NiFi

Semantic Analysis

Apache Yunikorn

Introduction to Apache Ozone

Importing Data into the Cloud with Apache NiFi