MiNiFi Agent Update March 2021

 Cloudera Agent Availability

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MiNiFi (C++)

Version cpp-0.9.0

Release Date: March 2021

Highlights of 0.9.0 release include:

  • Added support for RocksDB-based content repository for better performance
  • Added SQL extension
  • Improved task scheduling
  • Various C2 improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvements to TailFile, ConsumeWindowsEventLog, MergeContent, CompressContent, PublishKafka, InvokeHTTP
  • Implemented RetryFlowFile and smart handling of loopback connections
  • Added a way to encrypt sensitive config properties and the flow configuration
  • Implemented full S3 support
  • Reduced memory footprint when working with many flow files

Build Notes:

It is advised that you use the when not building on windows.

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