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2018 Summary

First off, this was an amazing year for Big Data, IoT, Kafka, AI, Streaming, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. So many cool events, updates, new products, new projects, new libraries and community growth. I've seen a lot of people adopt and grow Big Data and streaming projects from nothing. Using the power of Open Source and the tools made available by Apache, companies are growing with the help of trusted partners and a community of engineers and users.
I had a fun year travelling to various conferences showing how to use Open Source technologies for IoT, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Streaming, Big Data, Computer Vision and microservices.
First up close to home was Iot Fusion in Philly:
It was a very cool event run by my friends at Chariot Solutions. We focused on some great technology from 2018 including MiniFi, Apache NiFi, TensorFlow and Apache MXNet.
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Come August, I joined the IoT Webinar which was a lot of fun and then got to speak with the awesome Data Scientist, John Kuchmek at the NJ Shore.
Fall quickly followed and it was time for Strata in NYC. Again I spoke on IoT with AI
After Strata it was a quick flight up to Montreal for ApacheCon. It was great seeing all the Apache speakers and my friends from Apache MXNet.
In October I was down in Orlando with my AI buddies AppOrchid to speak about AI, IoT and Big Data for Utilities.
In November I got to be the first speaker at Philadelphia's first Open Source Conference hosted by Comcast! What an amazing event and awesome people running this. Hats off to the Comcast team for support Open Source and having great projects. They also were big sponsors of Apache Con.
The year was great for meetups and I got to talk at a few around the world, plus Milind and my meetup in Princeton grew to 1,100 members! Check us out: My friend Paul restarted the meetup and we will do some fun stuff in 2019 around the new Camden tech region.
Oct 2nd - Mehul ( and Abdhul ( spoke. Hosted by TRAC Intermodal around Blockchain.
June 28 - I spoke on NiFi and Blockchain Thanks to Prasad (Airisdata). Joint meetup in Hamilton with the NJ_Blockchain meetup.
May 8 - I spoke on NiFi and IoT in NYC
April 17 - I spoke on NiFi in Berlin
April 12 - I spoke on NiFi and Deep Learning in Prague FoD
Feb 13 - Big Mardis Gras celebration at TRAC Intermodal
We have a meetup scheduled for January on Blockchain in Woodbridge. ChainNinja is going to broadcast this:
From meetups, webinars, workshops and conferences I had a few presentations:
I wrote a few articles for HCC in 2018:
I wrote a few custom processors in Java for Apache NiFi (all work in NiFi 1.8.0):
A wrote a few other scripts and utilities outside of NiFi as well:
I started to do some video content in 2018, look for more of this than you will ever want to watch coming in 2019.∈dex=5&t=10s∈dex=7&t=1497s∈dex=8&t=409s∈dex=9&t=39s∈dex=10&t=0s∈dex=11&t=158s∈dex=13&t=1478s∈dex=16&t=0s
The Technology of 2018 That I most Used
  • Apache NiFi
  • Apache Kafka
  • NiFi Registry
  • MiniFi
  • Apache Spark
  • Hortonworks SMM
  • Hortonworks Data Plane Services
  • Apache MXNet
  • TensorFlow
  • Hadoop 3.1
  • HDP 3.1 and HDF 3.3
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Ranger
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Phoenix
  • Apache Druid
  • Spring Boot
  • Python 3.7
  • YOLO v3
  • MXNet GluonCV
  • Kubernetes
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
For a quick spin of the best of 2018, see here:
I'll see you in 2019 as part of Cloudera with lots of new IoT, devices, AI, Deep Learning, NiFi, Kafka, Streaming and more.
!!! Happy Holidays !!!