Apache Pulsar - FLIpN Stack News - July 18, 2022


In preparation for my upcoming meetup talk with David, I have been looking at the Apache Pulsar Sink for Lakehouses. Some fun Delta.io stuff coming.

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Lots of cool events coming, so stay tuned.

For any of my FLiP Stack Weekly readers, I have a really good discount code for the conference so reach out. It will be good to see you in August.

Pulsar Summit!!!!!!!



July 25, 2022. 2 pm EST. Code on the Beach. Virtual Florida. Deep Dive into Building Streaming Applications with Apache Pulsar

July 26, 2022. 3 pm EST.

August 4, 2022 - FLiPN Stack. 1PM EST

August 6-8, 2022: ApacheCon Asia. Virtual.

Sept 13-16, 2022: OSS Summit

Oct 3-6, 2022: Apache Con, New Orleans, LA.

Oct 4-5, 2022: Current: Apache Kafka Summit. Austin, TX.

Oct 25, 2022: KubeCon: Detroit

Nov 23, 2022: Big Data EU



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