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JDK17 should give #Starbuxman like $1 per JDK17 mention, but it worked. Time to upgrade, it's "Twice as good as JDK 8". Well, the math holds...

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Pulsar master branch: Pulsar Components Java Version: Broker 17, Functions / IO 17, CLI 17






June 21, 2021 - Systems Masterclass - Half Day on Distributed Data Systems with Scylla, Pulsar, and AWS talks and group discussion. This is an interactive session with some interesting things in it.

Distributed Data Systems Masterclass
June 21 | 8AM - 12PM Pacific Time

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Learn how to build and manage enterprise-scale distributed data systems with the latest event streaming and distributed database technologies.

In this free, interactive half-day masterclass, our experts walk you
through how to build a resilient distributed system framework. We’ll
cover how to configure an Apache Pulsar cluster with a ScyllaDB NoSQL
database for a real-time event streaming application. At the end, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you learned and earn a certificate that shows your achievement.

You will learn best practices on how to:
- Configure event streaming for enterprise-scale applications
- Connect a low-latency data store to the event streaming architecture
- Use observability tools to monitor and optimize performance
Plus earn a certificate and an exclusive swag pack!*

*Must attend to be eligible. Shipping restrictions apply.

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Organized by:  
ScyllaDB, Inc. and StreamNative

June 15, 2022. Virtual.

June 21, 2022 - Virtual Poland - Data Science Summit: Machine Learning Edition.

July 25-27, 2022. Virtual Florida. Deep Dive into Building Streaming Applications with Apache Pulsar

August 2022

Oct 3-6, 2022: Apache Con, New Orleans, LA.

Oct 4-5, 2022: Current: Apache Kafka Summit. Austin, TX.

Oct 25, 2022: KubeCon: Detroit


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