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Pulsar Summit

  Pulsar Summit Europe 2021 is taking place virtually on October 6. Sessions include industry experts from Apache Pulsar PMC, CleverCloud, and Databricks. You’ll learn about the latest Pulsar project updates, technology. Register today and save your seat: event/europe-2021/

A New FLiP!

A New FLiP!  As some have noticed, I have left Cloudera. It has been an incredible journey. I joined Hortonworks in April of 2016 and then we merged with Cloudera in 2019. This is was my first article on Apache NiFi . I got to grow with Apache NiFi as it grew from 1.0 to 1.14 during my time!  A lot of things changed, evolved and the tech grew so much. I got to do my first major conference talks at DataWorks Summit which will always be one of my favorite event series ever. I am excited to be involved with Pulsar Summit ( /) and many other conferences now My Final Tallies at Hortonworks/Cloudera: 11 videos on my Youtube channel 1,719 members Future of Data Meetup Princeton from 0 Over 48 Meetups events around the world Over 230K Blog Views Over 192 Blog Articles 344 DZone Articles for 3 Million Views   Over 41 Conferences Spoken at.    Hosted One Mardis Gras at Client, it was awesome 60 S