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Building Search Indexes with Apache NiFi Streams

Building Search Indexes with Apache NiFi Streams I can go to my Apache Solr dashboard hosted on Cloudera Data Platform - Data Center via port :8983/solr/#/ For those who have done the CFM or CDF Hands on Labs, we extend that lab to store to SOLR. Login to Solr Create a Collection for Your Data (sensors) NiFi Flow (Data in, Output Records to Solr) We need to configure the processor.   Just set Solr Type to Cloud, set Solr Location to URL:2181/solr  and then pick your record reader ours is JSON.   You also need to select Fields to Index  in the data.  In our JSON file I pick the timestamp and Id. View The Collection To See Data Sent From NiFi  To Query Via REST API http://YOURURL:8983/solr/sensors/select?q=*%3A* Example Collection Data { " responseHeader ": { " zkConnected ": true , " status ": 0 , " QTime ": 2 , " params ": { &quo