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Cloudera Edge Management 1.1.0 Release

Cloudera Edge Management 1.1.1 Release See : We can now integrate with Grafana and use Prometheus Metrics:

EdgeAI: Jetson Nano with MiNiFi C++ Agent

Build and Utilizing The Apache NiFi - MiNiFi C++ Agent For Jetson Nano (EdgeAI:   Jetson Nano with MiNiFi C++ Agent) source.hostname jetsonnano source.ipv4 GetUSBCamera FPS : .5 Bootstrap and Build /opt/demo/nifi-minifi-cpp-source/build Options :  Kafka, OpenCV, TensorFlow, USB Camera ****************************************   Select MiNiFi C++ Features to toggle. **************************************** A. Persistent Repositories .....Enabled B. Lib Curl Features ...........Enabled C. Lib Archive Features ........Enabled D. Execute Script support ......Enabled E. Expression Language support .Enabled F. Kafka support ...............Enabled G. PCAP support ................ Disabled H. USB Camera support ..........Enabled I. GPS support ................. Disabled J. TensorFlow Support .......... Disabled K. Bustache Support ............ Disabled L. MQTT Support ................Enabled M. SQLite Supp

Using GrovePi with Raspberry Pi and MiNiFi Agents for Data Ingest to Parquet, Kudu, ORC, Kafka, Hive and Impala

Using GrovePi with Raspberry Pi and MiNiFi Agents for Data Ingest Source Code: Acquiring sensor data from Grove sensors is easy using a GrovePi Hat and some compatible sensors. Just before my talk at the Future of Data Meetup @ Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ, I thought I should ingest some data from a grove sensor interface. It's so easy a sleeping cat could do it. So what does this device look like?   I have a temperature and humidity sensor on there. The distance sonic sensor is in there too, that's for the next article. Let's do this with minimal RAM. That's a 64GB hard drive underneath in the white case with the RPI. I need more data and BACON. We design our MiNiFi Agent Flow in CEM/EFM.   Grab JSON data stream and run sensors. Apache NiFi 1.9.2 / CFM 1.0 Received HTTPS S2S Events From MiNiFi Agent A simple flow to query and convert our

Google Coral TPU with Edge Devices and MiNiFi

Google Coral TPU with Edge Devices and MiNiFi  Designing Our Edge AI Flow with Cloudera Edge Flow Manager. Configure Your Remote Process Group to Send Data to Your NiFi Cluster Monitor Your Agents From the Events Screen Let's grab all the new images and then delete on completion We have Input and Output Ports to have Bidirectional communication with 0-n MiNiFi agents Our NiFi flow to process calls from MiNiFi Agents running Coral TPUs We run a query to check the TensorFlow Lite classification results and send out a slack message. Let's push JSON data to a Kafka Cluster in AWS