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Easy Deep Learning in Apache NiFi with DJL

Custom Processor for Deep Learning   Happy Mm.. FLaNK Day! I have been experimenting with the awesome new Apache 2.0 licensed Java Deep Learning Library, DJL.   In NiFi I was trying to figure out a quick use case and demo.   So I use my Web Camera processor to grab a still shot from my Powerbook webcam and send it to the processor.   The results are sent to slack. Since it's the holidays I think of my favorite holiday movies:   The Matrix and Blade Runner.   So I thought a Voight-Kampf test would be fun.   Since I don't have a Deep Learning QA piece built yet, let's start by seeing if you look human.  We'll call them 'person'.   I am testing to see if I am a replicant.  Sometimes hard to tell.   Let's see if DJL thinks I am human. See : Okay, so it least it thinks I am a person.   The classification of a Christmas tree is vaguely accurate. It did

Using Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Apache NiFi MiNiFi and Google Coral Accelerator and Pimoroni Inky Phat

Using Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Apache NiFi MiNiFi and Google Coral Accelerator and Pimoroni Inky Phat Architecture Introduction First we need to unbox our new goodies.   The Inky Phat is an awesome E-Ink display with low power usage that stays displayed after shutdown!  Next I added a new Google Coral Edge TPU ML Accelerator USB Coprocessor to a new Raspberry Pi 3B+.    This was so easy to integrate and get up and running. Let's unbox this beautiful device (but be careful when it runs it can get really hot and there is a warning in the instructions).   So I run this on top of an aluminum case and with a big fan on it. Pimoroni Inky Phat It is pretty easy to set this up and it provides a robust Python library to write to our E-Ink display.   You can see an example screen here. Pimoroni Inky pHAT ePaper eInk Display in Red Pimoroni Inky Phat (Red)

Custom Processors in Apache NiFi

I love Apache NiFi, but sometimes I feel like writing some Java.   It is usually because I found an awesome Open Source Java library, usually from ASF. Here are a few processors I have written and put out into the community. If you are a Java developer and write a custom processor drop me a line and I'll add it. Here are a few guides: