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QuickTip: Ingesting Google Analytics API with Apache NiFi

QuickTip:   Ingesting Google Analytics API with Apache NiFi  Design your query / test the API here: Building this NiFi flow is trivial. Add your URL with tokens from the Query Explorer console. You will need to reference the JRE that NiFi is using and it's cacerts if you don't want to build your own trust store.   The default password for JDK 8 is changeit .   No really. Here are our results in clean JSON Here are some attributes NiFi shows. Example JSON Results {   "kind": "analytics#gaData",   "id": ",ga:percentNewSessions,ga:sessions&start-date=30daysAgo&end-date=yesterday",   "query": {     "start-date": "30daysAgo",     "end-date": "yesterday",     "ids": "ga:33",     &