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Harnessing the Data Lifecycle for Customer Experience Optimization: Streaming Classifications On Twitter Streams

Harnessing the Data Lifecycle for Customer Experience Optimization: Streaming Classifications For a deeper dive see this past webinar: available here. In the use case solved for this webinar, I am a Streaming Engineer at an airline, CloudAir.   I need to find, filter and clean Twitter streams then perform sentiment analysis. Score Models in the Stream to Act As the Streaming Engineer at CloudAIR I am responsible for ingesting data from thousands of sources, operationalizing machine learning models as part of our streams, running real-time ELT/ETL processes and building event processing systems running from devices, servers and edge nodes. For today’s use case, one of our ML engineers had given me a model that was deployed into one of our production Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) environments. I logged into Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), found the model, tested it, and then extracted the information I need to add this model to our streaming ingest flow f

ODPI's OpenDS4All - Open Source Data Science Content To Teach the World

OpenDS4All Start learning now: OpenDS4All/tree/master/ opends4all-resources/ opends4all-data-wrangling-and- integration ODPI has officially announced this recently and it looks great. There is a ton of amazing materials including slides, notes, documentation, homework, exercises and Jupyter notebooks covering Data Wrangling, Data Science, the Basics and Apache Spark.    This“starter set” of training materials can help you build a Data Science program for yourself, your company, your university or your non-profit.    I am going to bring some of these to my meetups and hopefully can help give back with new materials, updates and suggestions. These are college level materials developed by the University of Pennsylvania and open source via the ODPI with IBM leading.   The code and slides look great.   I can see these helping to enable the world adding anoth