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Using GrovePi with Raspberry Pi and MiNiFi Agents for Data Ingest to Parquet, Kudu, ORC, Kafka, Hive and Impala

Using GrovePi with Raspberry Pi and MiNiFi Agents for Data Ingest Source Code: Acquiring sensor data from Grove sensors is easy using a GrovePi Hat and some compatible sensors. Just before my talk at the Future of Data Meetup @ Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ, I thought I should ingest some data from a grove sensor interface. It's so easy a sleeping cat could do it. So what does this device look like?   I have a temperature and humidity sensor on there. The distance sonic sensor is in there too, that's for the next article. Let's do this with minimal RAM. That's a 64GB hard drive underneath in the white case with the RPI. I need more data and BACON. We design our MiNiFi Agent Flow in CEM/EFM.   Grab JSON data stream and run sensors. Apache NiFi 1.9.2 / CFM 1.0 Received HTTPS S2S Events From MiNiFi Agent A simple flow to query and convert our

Barcelona DataWorks Summit March 2019

I just returned from this awesome event.   Not even a rough plane trip can damper my spirits after seeing all the amazing things and all that we got to do this year.   It was nice to see familiar faces from attendees from 2017 and 2018 including my friends from Prague and Germany! Thanks to Andy LoPresto, George Vetticaden, Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Purnima, Nathan, Dan Chaffelson for great pictures, talks, support and being an amazing team for Data in Motionists. Meetup The meetup was great and in the same hall as some other amazing meetups at the same time. A great experience for those at Summit early (and open to all people for free). Highlight :  Dan spinning up NiFi at scale in the audience on Google Cloud on K8 with ease! Highlight :  Andy’s crushing it MiNiFi and NiFi presentation! I think he h