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Analyzing Wood Burning Stoves with FLaNK Stack: MiNiFi, Flink, NiFi, Kafka, Kudu

Analyzing Wood Burning Stoves with FLaNK Stack:   MiNiFi, Flink, NiFi, Kafka, Kudu (FLaNK Stack) Winter has arrived, finally.   The 50-70 F days are over, it dropped below 30 F in Princeton, so time to light up the wood burning stove and burn some season cherry wood (We get cherry wood from a local tree service that removes dead trees for people and then season the wood.  Recycle!) .  It's great for camp fires, smoking meats and for heating up our house.  Also if you have no smelled cherry wood smoke it is amazing.   I wanted to see if having a fire that raised my houses temperature from 67 F to 87 F would produce noticeable sensor readings.   Fortunately, I have a thermal camera sensor ( Pimoroni rocks! Add another thing to my list of thinks I love from Britain (Dr. Who, Jelly Babies, Pimoroni and my awesome boss Dan).  I also have Raspberry Pi sensors for temperature, humidity, light and various gas sensors.   Let's see what the numbers look like.    The temperatures a

Cloudera Edge2AI: MiNiFi Java Agent with Raspberry Pi and Thermal Camera and Air Quality Sensor - Part 1

MiNiFi with Thermal Cameras and Air Quality Sensors Cloudera Edge2AI:  MiNiFi Java Agent with Raspberry Pi and Thermal Camera and Air Quality Sensor - Part 1 Use Case / Overview: We need to track heat signatures, web camera images, gas and other readings from a remote workers office.   This is for occupancy analytics and safety monitoring.   We can extend this to field and remote sites where levels of temperatures, movements, noxious gases and other real world items may cause risk to our staff. For tracking room temperature and humidity we have other sensors: We can also track things like GPS, overhead plane traffic, regionalized social media reports, news