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NiFi Toolkit - CLI - For NiFi 1.10

NiFi Toolkit - CLI - For NiFi 1.10 Along with the updated Apache NiFi server, the NiFi 1.10 release also updated the Command Line Interface with some updated and new features.   Let's check them out. Cool Tools - send data to Apache NiFi via the CLI. Formatted as such: [{"attributes":{"key":"value"},"data":"stuff"}] Examples registry import-flow-version Get Into Interactive Mode ./ Get Parameter Contexts (simple or json format)  nifi list-param-contexts -u http://localhost:8080 -ot simple Export Parameter Context nifi export-param-context -u http://localhost:8080 -verbose --paramContextId 8067d863-016e-1000-f0f7-265210d3e7dc  Get Services  nifi get-services -u http://localhost:8080 NiFi Dump ../bin/ dump filedump.txt NiFi home: /Users/tspann/Documents/nifi-1.10.0 Bootstrap Config File: /Users/tspann/Documents/nifi-1.10.0/conf/bootstrap.conf 2019-11-18 17:08:04,