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Flink SQL Preview

FLaNK:  Flink SQL Preview From our Web Flink Dashboard, we can see how our insert is doing and view the joins and records passing quickly through our tiny cluster. See: As part of the May 7th, 2020 Virtual Meetup , I was doing some work with Flink SQL to show for a quick demo as the introduction to the meetup and I found out how easy it was to do some cool stuff.   This was inspired by my Streaming Hero, Abdelkrim, who wrote this amazing article on Flink SQL use cases: As part of our time series meetup, I have a few streams of data coming from one device from a MiNiFi Java agent to NiFi for some transformation, routing and processing and then sent to Apache Flink for final processing.   I decided to join Kafka topics with Flink SQL.    The sensor data:    http