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Tracking Aircraft in Real-Time With Open Source - Apache Pulsar

End of August 2022 Streaming Report #ApachePulsar #FLiPStack #Java #Python #Jetson FLiP Stack Weekly 🇺🇦 This week in the FLiP Stack and the related technolgies, companies, software and infrastructure.  Weekly newsletter 5,807 subscribers Subscribed End of August 2022 Published on August 29, 2022 Edit article View stats 2022 Status is online Tim Spann 🇺🇦 🥑 Developer Advocate @ StreamNative, Apache Pulsar, FLiP Stack, DeveloperWeek Advisor 🇺🇦 99 articles Pulsar  is everywhere! Pulsar Summit was awesome, I am hoping the videos will be out soon. I am working with some friends from  Timeplus . I was able to connect to a secure cloud Apache Pulsar cluster with no issues. It's very cool. I will put out an article, demo, and video soon. The new Python 3 client for Pulsar (I recommend Python 3.10) installs almost everywhere with ease and no building C++. I installed it on NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Inovato Quadra, Raspberry Pi, and more. I also have some new dem