Simple Leprechaun Detector.... And then how to make it more advanced

Okay, maybe just detect anyone or anything moving.   Let's say a Leprechaun if you have a kid that builds a Leprechaun trap.

The easy one is to use a USB web camera, Raspberry Pi and Motion software.

The second version we will add Apache NiFi - MiNiFi which will read the images and send them on.


This will send you an image when one is detected.

Install the Motion Detector

 apt-get install motion -y

Edit the Configuration


Some needed configuration

# Command to be executed when an event starts. (default: none)# An event starts at first motion detected after a period of no motion defined by event_gap; on_event_start  /opt/demo/ %f

Store your images somewhere MiNiFi can grab them

target_dir /opt/demo/images

Start the Motion Detector

/etc/init.d/motion start