Learning Apache Flink 1.9

Learning Apache Flink 1.9

Everything is a Stream, important concept to remember when working with Apache Flink.

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flink run -m yarn-cluster -d -p 2 -ynm Wiki iot-1.0.jar 

Mm Flank

I am working on a nice integration pattern with the Mm Flank Stack of Apache NiFi-MiniFi, MXNet, Flink, NiFi, Kafka and Kudu.

Flink Monitoring

{"refresh-interval":10000,"timezone-offset":0,"timezone-name":"Coordinated Universal Time","flink-version":"1.9.0-csa1.0.0.0","flink-revision":"3cedceb @ 04.11.2019 @ 13:38:10 UTC"}


flink run -m yarn-cluster -d -p 2 -yD log4j.configuration.file=log4j.properties -ynm IoT iot-1.0.jar  --cluster true
flink run -m yarn-cluster -d -p 2 -ynm Wiki iot-1.0.jar 

 flink run -m yarn-cluster /opt/cloudera/parcels/FLINK/lib/flink/examples/streaming/WordCount.jar --input hdfs:///tmp/README.txt --output hdfs:///tmp/ReadMe-Counts