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NiFi 1.10: PostSlack - Easy Image Upload

In Apache NiFi 1.10, we now have a nice PostSlack processor to send images to slack channels.   If you have read my blog I had a lesser processor that I wrote:
Time to upgrade my friend.  

To use the new processor you will need to have a Slack account, Slack administrator permissions and a Slack application created so you can have an application token.   You can grab that token here: Go to Tester tab, pick your app, mine is Nifi. then click test. At the bottom will be a URL with the token=? Grab that token.


You also must login with slack admin role


under YOURSLACK /apps/manage .  then dive into app

You can make this a parameter so you can make your PostSlack processor into a stateless module.

Our Example Flow:   Sending Webcam Images to Slack

First we need a source, could be any picture source, I use my WebCam processor which grabs images from a webcamera attached to the NiFi server.

Then I add a mime.type, some sources will already set this for you.   For me I manually set the image mimetype to image/jpeg.

Posting to Slack is easy, just add the channel and that token we grabbed from the slack admin site.

The webcam image posted to slack.

 That's it, a new processor available for you.

In a future article I will talk about a new Rules Feature: