September 2022 FLiP Stack Weekly

Welcome to September, let's get streaming. I hope everyone is getting to enjoy their Labor Day if that is a holiday you get. It's a day off in the United States that triggers pumpkin spice and the end of Summer.


What do people think of Podcasts? It looks like I may have the opportunity to join a new Streaming/Messaging Podcast. Leave a comment if you like them and if you don't what would make them better? I have a SuperStar Podcaster that I am going to be working with soon.

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This is Issue #47!

Get your new Flink - Pulsar Going

Demo of the Day

Are friends electric? Indeed they are, let's monitor them. I am working on this for part of the monitoring of the conference talk at Current Event in Austin in October. #Current22 #ApachePulsar #ApacheFlink #ApacheNiFi #FLiPNStack #FLiPStack

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Apache Pulsar Support in Kestra!

Spring Boot Module for Apache Pulsar

So I was able to migrate a version of my Spring Boot AirQuality application to the new experimental connector. It works great. Soby and I will talk about this at SpringOne.

It is really easy to produce messages, use schemas and do this with no configuration. You just set a few values in your applications.yml.




Pulsar Summit Asia 2022 is looking for speakers, get your talks in. I got mine in.

September 8, 2022: Comcast Labs Connect PHLAI in Philadelphia. In a few days in Philly! This is a free in-person event with lots of interesting talks, come on out.

Sept 13-16, 2022: OSS Summit (Virtual)

Sept 26-28, 2022: JConfDev Chicago: Join me on Sept 27 at 1:15 PM

Oct 3-6, 2022: Apache Con, New Orleans, LA.

Oct 4-5, 2022: Current: Apache Kafka Summit. Austin, TX.

Oct 25, 2022: KubeCon: Detroit

Nov 15-18, 2022. PASS Data Community Conference. Seattle.

Nov 23, 2022: Big Data EU (Virtual)

Dec 6-8, 2022: Spring One: San Francisco


Let's collect data from a Pimoroni Enviro Indoor RPI Pico device via MQTT!

It is easy to query and analyze live streams from Apache Pulsar with Timeplus.

Some extra sensors for my Thermal Raspberry Pi.