October 2022 ApacheCon & Current Event Report++

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/apachecon-current-event-week-first-oct-2022-tim-spann- #ApachePulsar #ApacheFlink #Spring #DeltaLake #CDC #Ably #SQL #Aerospike #OpenSource #ApacheBookeeper #ApacheCon #Cloudera #Containers Oct 3 Austin Fast Data Meetup It was a lot of fun and all the speakers were great. Ably, Aerospike, Quix and StreamNative put on a great set of talks and had fun giveaways, beer and what Texas calls pizza. Code and Slides are below. Current Event Austin Texas Report A great sampling of everything streaming from Apache Pulsar to Apache Flink to Apache Kafka to Apache NiFi and more. It was fun to see all the awesome DevRel people who travel from conference to conference, sometimes it feels like I am back in my band/DJ days with somewhat better food. It was fun to do my talk in the giant ballroom and all my sensors and plane data worked!! The WiFi was solid and there was a ton of food. The food trucks in the venue were awesome. I loved the Schwarma truck! Austin was cool, a bit warm for this time of year, but the air conditioning everywhere was first class. ApacheCon New Orleans Report The dedicated track for Pulsar was amazing, so many good speakers and conversations. Engineers for Engineers and the Community! If you involved in open source in any type of engineering or coding you have to come here. The in-depth things you can learn and the people you can talk to is unparalleled. There is only a few vendors here, everyone is technical. I need an ApacheCon once a month. You also will be hard pressed to find a better city in the United States to have a conference than New Orleans! NYC Friends join me on November 3rd with Aerospike. #ApachePulsar #ApacheFlink #Spring #DeltaLake #CDC #Ably #SQL #Aerospike #OpenSource #ApacheBookeeper #ApacheCon #Cloudera #Containers CODE + COMMUNITY Join my meetup group NJ/NYC/Philly/Virtual: This is Issue #52!! Add alt text No alt text provided for this image ARTICLES EVENTS Pulsar Summit Asia 2022 is looking for speakers, get your talks in. I got mine in. November 19-20. Oct 20, 2022: Conf42 KubeNative: Oct 24, 2022: DoK Days NA. https://dok.community/dok-day-north-america-2022/ Oct 26, 2022: KubeCon: Detroit Nov 3, 2022: Real-Time Data Event NYC Nov 1-3, 2022: AI Dev World Nov 10-11, 2022: AllDayDevops. Virtual. Nov 15-18, 2022. PASS Data Community Conference. Virtual. Nov 19-20, 2022. Pulsar Summit Asia. Virtual. Nov 23, 2022: Big Data EU. Virtual. Nov 29, 2022: Machine Intelligence Guild Speaker of the Month. Virtual. Dec 6-8, 2022: Spring One: San Francisco