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Ingest Salesforce Data into Hive Using Apache Nifi

Ingest Salesforce Data into Hive Using Apache NiFi TOOLS AND ACCOUNT USED:  Salesforce JDBC driver : Nifi : 1.9.2 - Hive : 3.1.2 - Java : 1.8.0_221  OSS : MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 SDFC Developer account : - 15 day trial Reference Article : Overall Flow : Install Hive - Thrift, Metastore, and Hive Table schema that matches SDFC opportunity table.  Install NiFi - Add PutHive3streaming nar  Install and Configure Drivers : SalesforceConnect and Avroreader Add Processors - QueryDatabaseTable and Puthive3Streaming Install Salesforce JDBC and Hive drivers Download DataDirect Salesforce JDBC driver from here . Downlo